Thursday, 20 November 2008

Open letter to the Catholic Church.

To Whom it may concern,

Is the Catholic Church leading the world to Christ, or has it taken to supporting man-made secular directives? What is its opinion on the Islamisation of Europe, and does it care? Has it any desire to reinstate Church-State relations or does it simply accept democratically elected governments, even when they make decisions contrary to Christ's law? Does the Chruch support Democracy at the expense of Christ? Sometimes it can look like that. The Church also appears indifferent to the demographic meltdown caused by Humanist principles and practices. And why doesn't it highlight the link between this terrible calamity and our own immorality? Why does it appear to be appeasing the Secular world, instead of confronting it?

Why does the Church focus on the single issue of abortion, when it is the end product of a chain that begins with the unChristian acceptance of sex outside marriage. When is the Church going to confront this or has it, again, given up? Is it interested anymore in forming a civilisation built on devotion and loyalty to Christ - no not a 'civilisation of love', that's too vague - but a civilisation based on the linchpin of Christ? Or does it now exist to encourage 'human rights' and the 'brotherhood of man' ? Can't it see that these deadwood concepts are unChristian and unworkable? They are not synonymous with Christian teaching which is the only teaching the Church can endorse.

Of course, the Catholic Church will rise again. But for now it seems to have lost focus and forgotten its 'raison d'etre', which is to form a Christian Civilisation. It has no mandate to do the bidding of the Christ-free UN, or of Secular Democracy, which has precipitated the collapse of Western Civilisation. Please, beloved Catholic Church, let us have some bold leadership in Christ's name alone. Humanity has had its era of Christ-free secular living and it is not working. You may not know it yet, but the world is looking for you! And you must exist exclusively for Christ, for only He is good enough and all else follows on from this!

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