Friday, 12 December 2008

Islam's Power

It is not enough to 'fight' Islam. You also have to remember that its power comes from its high birthrate. Therefore, the business world and the political world will bow to it for their own needs.

Christian and secular societies are (rightly) seen as declining and belonging to the past, while Islam is seen as the future. Only by returning to the true practice of Catholicism, can this be reversed. It is the only hope left for the 'disappearing' non-Islamic world!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Mother Nature's choice.

The family unit, consisting of a woman, caring for her offspring and supported by her husband, is the most efficient, economical and resillient model. It has seen humanity survive and thrive, through the good times and bad. It provides for the future and for the present. It is biologically, ecomonically and emotionally independant. (This is why it is often despised by the powers that be.) It cannot be improved upon!