Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Atheist Idiocy!

Was there ever a sub-species of human beings as useless as atheists?? They define themselves by what they do not believe, and what they do believe is vague, and unable to withstand the rough and tumble of the real world. They tear down the Cathedral of Christendom, re-name it the ever-so-bland Western Civilisation, and build a 'potting shed' in its place. This little shed, unable to cope with the demands of real life, is now making deals with the Islamic world in the hope of fortifying itself and masking its weakness'. Apparently, in Atheist La-La land, the imperative to reproduce is simply one of many options - and not a very good one at that. You see, it interferes with that first demand of the perfect atheist life, the demand to fulfill oneself. This is obvious in the secondary status accorded to motherhood and childrearing and complimented by the introduction of the vile abortion and the norm of contraception. Self-fulfillment through career - and pleasure seeking - are more important than children and family they signal. Oh yeah?! You will pay through the nose for that spectacular, 'flying in the face of reality' gaffe, O Enlightened Ones.

For, since the introduction of legalised abortion and the invention of the Pill, birthrates in the developed, Secular nations of the world have plummetted severely, with catastrophic economic and social results. The final disintegration and collapse of Western Civilisation is within sight. To mask such a dramatic and perturbing scenario, and to rationalise their committment to the strangulating effects of abortion and contraception, the atheist powers that be are importing the children of other women to supplement their own dwindling populations. A type of self-induced ethnic cleansing of the most peculiar kind!! And of course, atheists wear a smile through it all, because hey, they are the clever ones, the 'progressive' ones who brought humanity out of the 'Dark Ages' of Christianity into the light, bright happy clappy, paradise of Atheism (albeit with the West facing its doom, but let's pretend its not.) And they are never wrong: never, ever, ever wrong - unlike Christians, you know!

Was there ever such a useless subspecies of human being as the eternally stupid atheists?


Daan said...




dude, longer sentences and bad metaphores do not make you look smarter

rhifer1 said...

I don't know about you guys, but I don't define myself by the fact that I don't believe in deities any more than I define myself by the fact that I don't collect stamps or fight forest fires.

Vincent said...

Nice try.

Try again.

Amaqula said...

If you call yourself an atheist then you define yourself as someone who 'doesn't believe in God'. But we don't really know more than that, because you don't have a well defined philosophy of what it is that you actually do believe in! Unlike Catholicism, which is very well defined (see the Cathechism). Also atheism does not work. We can now see this in the collapse of the West. Don't pretend it is not collapsing!

As for long sentences, I don't think I can help that. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know yet.

RTFMKTHX said...

You can't repopulate the 'western world' by child molestation. Sorry Catholic Church. No vindication.

Doom Dooom Dooooom.

Peter said...

I thought when abortion was legalised Christians were in power in every Western nation. How does tiny atheists minority get the credit for that?

j said...

«Also atheism does not work. We can now see this in the collapse of the West»

Atheism is not supposed to "work", it's not a doctrine as, say, chatolicism, or comunism. It's not a system of belief or an ideology. We believe in evidence, in reality, for instance. We don't have a holy book to follow by. And this, my deluded friend, is at the core point of your ignorance.

But if you really want to know a little about atheism, I could recomend a bunch of interesting writings. From Epicurus to Schopenhauer to Hitchens, you can find dozens of authors that could enlighten you about what being an atheist or an agnostic really means.

And what "collapse of the West" are you talking about? Could you be more specific? Are you adressing morality or economy? And what on earth does atheism have to do with that alleged "collapse"?!

Amaqula said...

Whatever the guiding principles of Western Societies are, they are not Christian. And whatever they are, (atheist, secular humanist???) they are leading to an unprecedented demographic implosion, with which no society can survive for long. This is absolutely catastrophic and has come about since the West abandoned Christianity, particularly the precise teachings of Catholicism, which could have prevented this.

And the 'shocking' thing we are learning is that what is good morally (as delineated by the Catholic Church) is also good, socially, economically, etc etc. They are all actually linked!!

j said...

Oh, it's the condom issue! Ok, I admit demography and the aging population can be a problem in Europe or Russia. Prosperity, freedom and democracy have theyr downturns, no doubt. But the thought of history going towards christian dominance instead of secularism and separation of church and state that we (wonderfully!) enjoy now is, at least, terrifiyng, like a bad horror movie.
I definitelly wouldn't like to live in a middle age kind of society.
But how do you explain India? Or better yet, atheist China? Do you think that theyr population growth is linked to the "precise teachings of Catholicism"?

j said...

And how come "what is good morally (as delineated by the Catholic Church) is also good, socially, economically, etc etc"? How do you come to that bizarre conclusion?
Maybe the reading of some history books could enlighten you on this one.

j said...

ps: The part about «Prosperity, freedom and democracy» is relative to Europe, not Russia, of course.

Amaqula said...

The nightmare has already begun. Declining birthrates on this scale is the problem to end all problems - not some minor issue. Secular societies are not self-sustaining and will be replaced by Islamic ones - unless they return to Catholicism.

India and China are already ageing. India will probably become majority Muslim soon and China - could very well become Catholic!

Jacksonst71 said...

Yes Amaqula, let us return to the utopia of Catholic monarchies, where the inquisition turned whole families against each other, where evil, sadistic tortures like the "Pear of Anquish" where the victims anus or vagina where ripped apart to exact confessions of "heresy" and everyone turned out to watch the ghastly spectacle of the auto-da-fé where those "guilty" of being Heretics or Jews where roasted alive. A world where incompetant and frequently insane kings were allowed to rape their motherlands with the aquiesence of the Mother Church. A world where sex was deemed to be little more than a necessary evil for procreation and, mysteriously the lords of church and state were allowed to get away with unbelievable debauchery. Where all knowledge outside the Bible was suspect, where all pleasures where sins in disguise, where sadism, corruption and ignorance ruled the day.
I'll stay in our modern - day "doomed" secular society, with its legally enshrined rights and secular structure thank you very much.

Amaqula said...

There is no concept of Utopia in Catholicism. That belongs to atheistic ideologies. There is only a Fallen World this side of death - Paradise is on the other side only!

The Church used standard procedures of the day to defend truth. Such procedures were more widely and indiscriminately used to protect property. Similar techniques were used to brutally suppress Catholicism by Elizabeth I - but no one mentions that for some reason or other.

Yes Catholics treated the Jews very badly - but this is a trait found in every section of society including atheists. And anti-Semitism will be part of humanity till the last day. That is why I totally support the state of Israel - for the safety of Jews.

Catholicism is not Puritanism and does not regard every pleasure as a sin. However like all societies that have survived the Church declares that the sexual urge must be channelled into marriage only for the supremely important task of providing society with a next generation and not allowing the sexual urge to be dissapated without producing a viable next generation - as is happening in today's stupefied secular society.

Of course, this society will then have to import the children of other women in immigration to keep the population buoyant! In many cases this is fast multiplying Islamic immigration against which a stagnant subfertile society cannot withstand. Islamification is the logical outcome. Maybe then you will wish for the return of the Catholic state!

Codreanu said...

Great blog and a great article. It's great to hear from Catholics who realize that Catholicism is the answer to the problem of Europe, and the world.

Do not listen to the insults from these deluded atheists, they only care for themselves and their personal gratifacton. That's one of the problems; they cannot create, only destroy. And havning read some of the comments they've made on this blog or on your youtube-videoes, I'm in no doubt about their arrogance and hatred.

Keep up the good work, God bless! ✝