Thursday, 6 November 2008

Restore Church-State relations and save the West!

Only Catholicism can save Western Civilisation now. Secularism is fatal - note the negative birthrates in all secularised countries. And believe me, there are many forces filling the population gap while the West blindly aborts and contracepts itself to oblivion through its adoption of the unatural Secular Humanism. Restoring Church-State relations is the only guarantee of the West's survival now!

I also recommend Catholicism as the bedrock of progress and development for all peoples and long to see every nation come to the Feet of Christ in a Christian Civilisation.

The decimation of the next generation through sterile (contracepted) women of childbearing age and the gross practise of abortion has to be the most peculiar and illogical phenomenon ever undertaken by human society. It defies comprehension. It represents a type of self-inflicted genocide. Only Catholicism can save the West now!

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