Friday, 12 February 2010

Time for the return of the CATHOLIC STATE !

Western secular governments need Islamic immigration to strenghten their nations against China. Islamisation is the plan - repealing abortion laws and banning contraception for Westerners is not! A blending and alliance of the Islamic world and Western world is seen as a bulwark against Chinese might. Globalisation is also another strategy for disarming potential competitors that might threaten the collapsing diffident West!

Only a CATHOLIC STATE - foundational state of the west - will resist your demographic wipeout and Islamisation at the hands of inept secular governance. Time for the return of the Catholic State me thinks!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Islam's Power

It is not enough to 'fight' Islam. You also have to remember that its power comes from its high birthrate. Therefore, the business world and the political world will bow to it for their own needs.

Christian and secular societies are (rightly) seen as declining and belonging to the past, while Islam is seen as the future. Only by returning to the true practice of Catholicism, can this be reversed. It is the only hope left for the 'disappearing' non-Islamic world!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Mother Nature's choice.

The family unit, consisting of a woman, caring for her offspring and supported by her husband, is the most efficient, economical and resillient model. It has seen humanity survive and thrive, through the good times and bad. It provides for the future and for the present. It is biologically, ecomonically and emotionally independant. (This is why it is often despised by the powers that be.) It cannot be improved upon!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Figuring out the Future!

It is hard to figure out the plans and mindset of the Western Elites, political or otherwise. It would seem they are well disposed to Islam and probably see it as the future, with small insignificant pockets of Christianity. They haven't worked out how to reconcile its moral conservativism with their own liberal leanings yet, but they are working on it. They know they can do business with Islam. Both share a certain antipathy towards the figure of Jesus Christ, so they are not totally incompatible.

China could pose a problem for this global Progressive-Islamic partnership, though. China, fiercely independant, nationalistic and ambitious could prove a tad unmanageable. But never mind, that's what the UN exists for, - harnessing and channelling all powers to the service of the great Liberal-Islamic plan for world domination. The UN will bind China to it own agenda, or else exclude it from the International Community. How long this will contain China is anyone's guess, but not for too long, we imagine.

The UN exists as a type of secular Vatican, spreading it's doctrine of 'Progressive' Liberalism, shaping the world and it's future. So far it has been astoundingly successful. In partnership with Islam to make up for its weak points, it could prove unbeatable. But without reckoning on the rise of the Catholic Church and China - another winning combination, perhaps?!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

A New Civilisation for an Old One.

There is no point trying to save Western Civilisation. It is an old concept that has oulived itself. It is now in the process of collapse because it has abandoned its raison d'etre in Christ and His Church. Without this foundation and guiding force, the West is lacking reason and definiton. It is dissipating all over the place and cannot defend itself. It stands for nothing beyond a few shabby little, curt sounding maxims. It is anyone's for the taking. It will probably be Islam's.

But not so fast! With the Christian belief system disgarded, and the Secular one discredited, it is time for the Papacy to call for a new worldwide civilisation to replace the Secular one, which is unworkable beyond one generation. The new civilisation will provide an alternative to both Secular and Islamic models of society. It will be centered on Christ and founded on His Church. It will act as a bulwark against all other man-made models, which have proved ineffective underpinnings for Human Society. It will be as St Augustine said, 'ever ancient, ever new'. May the Catholic Church rise and confront the Anti-Christs, for the sake of humanity and civilisation. Let a new dawn of Christ begin from the ship-wreck that is the West.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Open letter to the Catholic Church.

To Whom it may concern,

Is the Catholic Church leading the world to Christ, or has it taken to supporting man-made secular directives? What is its opinion on the Islamisation of Europe, and does it care? Has it any desire to reinstate Church-State relations or does it simply accept democratically elected governments, even when they make decisions contrary to Christ's law? Does the Chruch support Democracy at the expense of Christ? Sometimes it can look like that. The Church also appears indifferent to the demographic meltdown caused by Humanist principles and practices. And why doesn't it highlight the link between this terrible calamity and our own immorality? Why does it appear to be appeasing the Secular world, instead of confronting it?

Why does the Church focus on the single issue of abortion, when it is the end product of a chain that begins with the unChristian acceptance of sex outside marriage. When is the Church going to confront this or has it, again, given up? Is it interested anymore in forming a civilisation built on devotion and loyalty to Christ - no not a 'civilisation of love', that's too vague - but a civilisation based on the linchpin of Christ? Or does it now exist to encourage 'human rights' and the 'brotherhood of man' ? Can't it see that these deadwood concepts are unChristian and unworkable? They are not synonymous with Christian teaching which is the only teaching the Church can endorse.

Of course, the Catholic Church will rise again. But for now it seems to have lost focus and forgotten its 'raison d'etre', which is to form a Christian Civilisation. It has no mandate to do the bidding of the Christ-free UN, or of Secular Democracy, which has precipitated the collapse of Western Civilisation. Please, beloved Catholic Church, let us have some bold leadership in Christ's name alone. Humanity has had its era of Christ-free secular living and it is not working. You may not know it yet, but the world is looking for you! And you must exist exclusively for Christ, for only He is good enough and all else follows on from this!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Atheist Idiocy!

Was there ever a sub-species of human beings as useless as atheists?? They define themselves by what they do not believe, and what they do believe is vague, and unable to withstand the rough and tumble of the real world. They tear down the Cathedral of Christendom, re-name it the ever-so-bland Western Civilisation, and build a 'potting shed' in its place. This little shed, unable to cope with the demands of real life, is now making deals with the Islamic world in the hope of fortifying itself and masking its weakness'. Apparently, in Atheist La-La land, the imperative to reproduce is simply one of many options - and not a very good one at that. You see, it interferes with that first demand of the perfect atheist life, the demand to fulfill oneself. This is obvious in the secondary status accorded to motherhood and childrearing and complimented by the introduction of the vile abortion and the norm of contraception. Self-fulfillment through career - and pleasure seeking - are more important than children and family they signal. Oh yeah?! You will pay through the nose for that spectacular, 'flying in the face of reality' gaffe, O Enlightened Ones.

For, since the introduction of legalised abortion and the invention of the Pill, birthrates in the developed, Secular nations of the world have plummetted severely, with catastrophic economic and social results. The final disintegration and collapse of Western Civilisation is within sight. To mask such a dramatic and perturbing scenario, and to rationalise their committment to the strangulating effects of abortion and contraception, the atheist powers that be are importing the children of other women to supplement their own dwindling populations. A type of self-induced ethnic cleansing of the most peculiar kind!! And of course, atheists wear a smile through it all, because hey, they are the clever ones, the 'progressive' ones who brought humanity out of the 'Dark Ages' of Christianity into the light, bright happy clappy, paradise of Atheism (albeit with the West facing its doom, but let's pretend its not.) And they are never wrong: never, ever, ever wrong - unlike Christians, you know!

Was there ever such a useless subspecies of human being as the eternally stupid atheists?