Friday, 28 November 2008

Figuring out the Future!

It is hard to figure out the plans and mindset of the Western Elites, political or otherwise. It would seem they are well disposed to Islam and probably see it as the future, with small insignificant pockets of Christianity. They haven't worked out how to reconcile its moral conservativism with their own liberal leanings yet, but they are working on it. They know they can do business with Islam. Both share a certain antipathy towards the figure of Jesus Christ, so they are not totally incompatible.

China could pose a problem for this global Progressive-Islamic partnership, though. China, fiercely independant, nationalistic and ambitious could prove a tad unmanageable. But never mind, that's what the UN exists for, - harnessing and channelling all powers to the service of the great Liberal-Islamic plan for world domination. The UN will bind China to it own agenda, or else exclude it from the International Community. How long this will contain China is anyone's guess, but not for too long, we imagine.

The UN exists as a type of secular Vatican, spreading it's doctrine of 'Progressive' Liberalism, shaping the world and it's future. So far it has been astoundingly successful. In partnership with Islam to make up for its weak points, it could prove unbeatable. But without reckoning on the rise of the Catholic Church and China - another winning combination, perhaps?!

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