Saturday, 22 November 2008

A New Civilisation for an Old One.

There is no point trying to save Western Civilisation. It is an old concept that has oulived itself. It is now in the process of collapse because it has abandoned its raison d'etre in Christ and His Church. Without this foundation and guiding force, the West is lacking reason and definiton. It is dissipating all over the place and cannot defend itself. It stands for nothing beyond a few shabby little, curt sounding maxims. It is anyone's for the taking. It will probably be Islam's.

But not so fast! With the Christian belief system disgarded, and the Secular one discredited, it is time for the Papacy to call for a new worldwide civilisation to replace the Secular one, which is unworkable beyond one generation. The new civilisation will provide an alternative to both Secular and Islamic models of society. It will be centered on Christ and founded on His Church. It will act as a bulwark against all other man-made models, which have proved ineffective underpinnings for Human Society. It will be as St Augustine said, 'ever ancient, ever new'. May the Catholic Church rise and confront the Anti-Christs, for the sake of humanity and civilisation. Let a new dawn of Christ begin from the ship-wreck that is the West.

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Jesuslovesu said...

You know, you spelled civilization wrong. Is it really too difficult to right click and correct your mistakes after your done? Goodness, Jesus would want you to an hero!