Friday, 12 December 2008

Islam's Power

It is not enough to 'fight' Islam. You also have to remember that its power comes from its high birthrate. Therefore, the business world and the political world will bow to it for their own needs.

Christian and secular societies are (rightly) seen as declining and belonging to the past, while Islam is seen as the future. Only by returning to the true practice of Catholicism, can this be reversed. It is the only hope left for the 'disappearing' non-Islamic world!

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CiarĂ¡n said...

Hello, me again =)

Since you ignored my request for any real justification of your claims, I thought I might as well use this blog of yours to further my search for sanity inside your deluded head (dismal view numbers, might I politely add...)

People are born. Wow. It just so happens they are born into a family that believes something. This bears about as much sense as exclaiming "Ladies and gentlemen we face a crisis! There are an increasing number of gingers being born! This is a catastrophe for the non-gingerified world!" People who follow Islam are not of another World. All they have done differently is be absorbed in a different holy book. The majority don't care much about "Islamifying", all they care about is living a good life, having kids, and being kind to people.It's hypocritical, Amaqula, for you to accuse anyone from a religion of religious expansionism. What makes you so different from a follower of Islam? Only a different holy book and dogma.

I find fault with those trying to convert others to Islam, but I find the same fault with you. Look in the mirror- behind the smug air of self-importance and the crucifix, are you much different to them?

Still waiting on some justification by the way...